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AFSPA Talks Podcasts


Podcast Banner KyleIntroducing, AFSPA Talks, an informational and educational podcast by the American Foreign Service Protective Association (AFSPA), featuring Chief Operating Officer Kyle Longton. AFSPA Talks covers a range of topics across a multitude of categories, from mental wellness, to dental care, to speech and hearing awareness. This podcast is intended for all listeners, not only AFSPA members. This podcast is not intended to give out medical advice, please seek a professional for medical questions.

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Episode 1: AFSPA Talks Mental Wellness with Dr. Julia Hoffman

In this first ever episode, AFSPA COO, Kyle Longton leads Dr. Julia Hoffman from Teladoc® through a discussion of how people are coping with COVID, parenting in this time of uncertainty, and dealing with trauma and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  Then, the two dive in to the intersection of technology and mental health, specifically with the app myStrength™. 

Episode 2: AFSPA Talks Better Speech and Hearing Month with Patty Greene

In recognition of Better Speech & Hearing Month, AFSPA COO, Kyle Longton talks with Patty Greene from TruHearing about the signs and symptoms of hearing loss, the importance to getting a hearing test, and hearing benefits from the Foreign Service Benefit Plan. Stay tuned and subscribe to hear more!

Episode 3: AFSPA Talks Behavioral Health with Dr. William Gillis

In this episode of AFSPA Talks, COO Kyle Longton brings us through a discussion of behavioral health with Senior Clinical Director of Aetna, Dr. William Gillis. The two talk mental health trends throughout the COVID pandemic, virtual care, and the AbleTo program which is available to members of the Foreign Service Benefit Plan (FSBP). Stay tuned and subscribe to hear more!

Episode 4: AFSPA Talks Dental

In this episode of AFSPA Talks, COO Kyle Longton brings us through a discussion of dental care and benefits with guests Dr. Wayne Silverman and Mark Haraway of Dominion National. 

Dr. Wayne Silverman has more than 30 years of consulting, teaching and private practice experience. He helps design and review Dominion’s plans, policies and administrative procedures.

Mark Haraway has been in the dental benefits industry for more than 26 years. He has had direct oversight of sales, service and provider relations as well as extensive roles in marketing and product development across a range of delivery systems (DHMO, PPO, traditional) and financing arrangements. 

Episode 5: AFSPA Talks LGBTQ+ Youth

In this episode of AFSPA Talks we celebrate pride month as COO Kyle Longton brings you through a discussion of LGBTQ+ youth with Alyssa Clayden of the Truman Group. Listen in as Kyle and Alyssa cover everything from the coming out process for children, to parents' reactions to their children's identities, to gender dysphoria, and more. 

Alyssa Clayden is a licensed independent social worker who has provided international mental health services for more than two decades in a wide variety of settings. Having lived, worked and raised a family across five continents, Alyssa is passionate about providing high-quality individualized mental health services to expatriates. She believes that every person brings expertise, strengths and skills to their lives and relationships, and she views collaboration and space for humor as key components of any successful mental health work.

Episode 6: AFSPA Talks Critical Illness Insurance

In this episode of AFSPA Talks, COO Kyle Longton discusses the launch of Prudential's Critical Illness Insurance for AFSPA's FSBP members. Nina Matias, of Prudential, joins Kyle for the conversation on critical illness insurance. 

Nina Matias has more than 20 years of experience with Prudential’s Group Insurance Division. As an Account Executive for Prudential’s Group Association and Affinity Services, she is responsible for the relationship management and implementation of national and state-specific association accounts for various Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, and Ancillary Products, such as Critical Illness.

Nina is a subject matter expert in Group Insurance benefits, consulting on benefit plans, working to ensure customer and member satisfaction, and focusing on both the overall relationships with Prudential and the importance of Insurance for Members and employees alike.

Episode 7: AFSPA Talks FSBP Incentives with CEO Paula Jakub

In this episode of AFSPA Talks, COO Kyle Longton brings us through a discussion of Foreign Service Benefit Plan (FSBP) incentives with AFSPA's CEO, Paula Jakub. Paula and Kyle talk about all the incentives offered to FSBP members, with an emphasis on the Simple Steps to Living Well Together program and other wellness programs. 

Paula Jakub is Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President of AFSPA. She is also the Executive Director of the Senior Living Foundation (SLF) of the American Foreign Service, where she provides proactive management to the vital organization solely devoted to helping elderly Foreign Service retirees and widows. Paula has a 37-year extensive background in the insurance field, having received her underwriting certification from American College. Ms. Jakub is a Registered Health Underwriter, as designated by the National Association of Health Underwriters.

Season 2 Episode 1: AFSPA Talks Back to Elementary School

In this episode of AFSPA Talks, AFSPA COO Kyle Longton brings us through a discussion of going back to the classroom with elementary school teacher Kara Rosenfeld. Kara and Kyle talk about the challenges facing children and parents returning to the classroom amidst the pandemic, the benefits of schooling in person, and more.

Kara Rosenfeld is currently in her 22nd year of teaching and is currently teaching first grade at Devers Elementary School in Fort Bragg, NC. 

Listen in for our first episode in a back to school series! 


Season 2 Episode 2: AFSPA Talks Back to Middle School

In this episode of AFSPA Talks, COO Kyle Longton brings us through another back to school discussion, this week with middle school teacher Annitra Smith-Lincoln. Learn about what going back to the classroom was like last year for middle schoolers, and what it will look like this year as we continue to battle COVID-19. 

Annitra Smith-Lincoln has taught for a total of 18 years, grades 3-12. She is currently an 8th grade U.S. History teacher in Fort Bragg, NC. 

Season 2 Episode 3: AFSPA Talks Back to School with KidsHealth's Dr. Elana Pearl Ben-Joseph

In this episode of AFSPA Talks, COO Kyle Longton finishes out our "Back to School" series by bringing us through a discussion of going back to school this year with pediatrician Dr. Elana Pearl Ben-Joseph, a contributor to KidsHealth. The two talk about preventative care for children, KidsHealth, and returning to the classroom amidst a pandemic.

Elana Pearl Ben-Joseph, M.D., is a general pediatrician and medical editor at the Center for Health Delivery Innovation in the Nemours Children’s Health System.

Season 2 Episode 4: AFSPA Talks Opioids and Overdoses: Prevention and Treatment

In this episode of AFSPA Talks, COO Kyle Longton brings us through a discussion on opioids and overdoses with Katherine Lurk and Becky Parker. The three take an in depth look at the opioid epidemic, removing the stigma surrounding opioid overdoses, how to get help if you're struggling with opioid misuse, and more.

Katherine Lurk is the Clinical Pharmacist and Manager of Business Development with TrestleTree, a health transformation company. Katherine supports a team of Health Coaches, clients, and participants to optimize clinical outcomes and solve drug-related problems.

Becky Parker is a Clinical Psychologist and Chief Training Officer for TrestleTree. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Arkansas and has focused her career on helping individuals make difficult changes, including around substance use.

Season 2 Episode 5: AFSPA Talks Chronic Pain Management

In this episode of AFSPA Talks, COO Kyle Longton brings us through a discussion of chronic pain management with Hinge Health's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jeff Kraus. The two discuss chronic pain, the affects of working from home, how chronic pain relates to one's mental wellness, and more. 

Dr. Jeff Krauss graduated from Harvard College, earned his Medical degree from the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine, and completed his residency in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at Stanford University. On top of Dr. Krauss’ full-time role at Hinge Health, he is also a Clinical Assistant Professor at Stanford in the Department of Orthopedics, and continues to practice as a part-time Staff Physician at the VA Palo Alto Health Care System.

Season 2 Episode 6: AFSPA Talks Life Insurance Awareness Month and State Department’s Office of Casualty Assistance

In this episode of AFSPA Talks, COO Kyle Longton brings us through a discussion of Life Insurance Awareness Month and the State Department's Office of Casualty Assistance (OCA). Kirk Leach, Director of the OCA, joins Kyle for this episode on life insurance and personal contingency planning.

Season 3 Episode 1: AFSPA Talks Breast Cancer & Second Opinions

In this episode of AFSPA Talks, COO Kyle Longton brings us through a discussion of breast cancer and second opinions with PinnacleCare's Clinical Director, Jeff Weaver. 

Season 3 Episode 2: AFSPA Talks Virtual Behavioral Support for Kids

In this episode of AFSPA Talks, COO Kyle Longton brings us through a discussion of virtual behavioral support for kids with Brightline’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. David Grodberg. 


Season 3 Episode 3: AFSPA Talks Diabetes

In this episode of AFSPA Talks, COO Kyle Longton brings us through a discussion on diabetes with Teladoc Health's Dr. Tejaswi Kompala. 

Season 3 Episode 4: AFSPA Talks Open Season with CEO Paula Jakub

In this episode of AFSPA Talks, COO Kyle Longton brings us through a discussion on Open Season with AFSPA's CEO, Paula Jakub.